Mobile Boiler Rental

All State offers a large selection of self-contained, high-quality, durable equipment for your boiler rental needs.

Mobile Boiler Rental

All State offers a large selection of self-contained, high-quality, durable Boiler Rentals in CT.

Mobile Boiler Rentals CT

Our Rental Boilers in CT:

  • Duel Fuel Capabilities
  • Range from 40HP/1380 pph capacity to 200 HP/6900 pph steam or hot water.
  • Electrical controls meet FM and NFPA 85 requirements.
  • Available Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  • Delivered within 24 hours  
  • Installation Available

Why Rent a Temporary Commercial Boiler from All State?

  • Rental boilers can help minimize or prevent downtime at your facility.
  • Emergencies: Unexpected weather and other situations can severely impact your facility.
  • Boiler Repairs and Shutdowns: Rent a boiler for short or long-term use while your systemundergoes regular maintenance or upgrades.
  • Peak Demand: During your peak demand a supplementary boiler will help to avoid overtaxing your
    system and get you through without interruption.
  • Customer Service: All State's experienced Service Department has the ability to design, provide
    and install boilers to meet the needs and timeframe of any client.

Our Fleet of Mobile Boilers in CT

  • Ranging in size from 40hp - 200hp providing up to 6900# steam/hour of low and high pressure and 6,695 MBTU of hot water.
  • Steam and hot water service.
  • Enclosed trailers with self-contained fuel tanks, boiler feed systems complete with electrical and control systems. 
  • Blow down and chemical feed systems.
  • All boilers have a state of CT valid operating certificate and registration.
  • All components are piped and ready for operation as soon as the electrical, steam supply, condensate and cold water field connections are made.


Rental Success Stories

NYC Port Facility: After Hurricane Sandy struck All State came to the immediate needs of a client providing three boilers within 72 hours. These boilers allowed the Port Facility to remain operational during this disaster time.
Local University: All State was on site within 24 hours to install a temporary boiler when existing lines servicing a dormitory were found to have multiple leaks.


 CT Mobile Boiler Rentals


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